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Which Makes my Site Rank Higher — SEO Rich vs. Unique Content?

Search engine algorithms (SEO) change faster than Donald Trump writes executive orders.

Just when you think you’ve nailed them, Google sends out an algorithm update that blasts conventional SEO plans out of the water. With traditional SEO tactics dying down, marketers are constantly clutching to what is working in the moment. But here’s something that will not change: if you’re relevant, remarkable and readable, the search engine will give you props.

This is why, while both SEO rich content and unique content are important, having unique content matters more for your website to rank higher. Here’s why.

It’s all about the reader

Search engines, such as Google, value content that’s written for people instead of machines – and that’s exactly how it should be. With Google and other search engines investing in natural language processing, they place value in how people actually talk, read and devour information.

Ranking well in search results isn’t a goal unto itself. It’s just a stepping stone towards your real goal of attracting traffic to your website. Once those people arrive, they’re going to be looking for content that convinces them they made the right decision – and if your content isn’t good enough, they’re going to leave.

To put it another way, it doesn’t really matter how many people visit your site if you can’t convince them to take the next step. That said…


Unique Content and SEO aren’t as different as many people think

SEO is about more than keywords and images – search engines take into account literally hundreds of different factors to decide which pages are most likely to match the searcher’s intent. After all, nobody’s going to use a search engine that doesn’t display useful results. Unique content puts you in the mind of the consumer, what their problem is and how your product or service could solve it for them.

And, that is exactly how people search for solutions these days, by searching what to do with their problem. That is something to keep in mind when creating content. Finding the right mix of usefulness while being entertaining is the sweet spot. Have you defined your online voice? Does your website reflect that voice? Your unique online content definitely should!

Great content, by its very nature, tends to be well-optimized for SEO to begin with – but the reverse is not true. There is no uncertainty in the answer to this question. It is always better to focus on making the best content you can. As long as you do that, your success will come naturally.

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